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Traditional online silent auctions are only available to those who can afford the expense, excluding most of us before the auction even begins and making charitable giving inaccessible.

With carefully chosen celebrity or experience partners who can share the cause they have chosen to support with an online uWin campaign, charities can reach larger numbers of donors than ever before.

Our proven track record in traditional fundraising and silent auctions ensures that we understand and meet the needs of both customers and charities and that all receive the best experience available.

By uniting traditional and modern methods of fundraising, we are uniquely positioned to create a perfectly tailored experience for each and every charity, which appeals to a broad range of audiences.

From Zoom cocktail parties and Michelin-starred cookalongs, to a safari with Giles Clark or a virtual quiz with the cast of Harry Potter - let us help you organise your celebrity ambassador experience and raise money either from the comfort of everyone's home or back out in the big wide world!

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